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How Does it Work? 

2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Pick the classes that interest you (Each class is about 1.5 hours)

Step 2: Contact me and we can choose a date and location that is best for what you will be learning

Cost: $100 per class   |   Refer a friend and receive a 20% discount per friend.  

Bring 2 friends and your rate is $60 per hour.  Bring 5 friends and you come for FREE! 

Workshops are customizable depending on your skill level and interests. There are 6 different topics that you can choose to learn about during our session.

1. Introduction to SLRs - Take your camera off Auto! This class is perfect for learning how to shoot in manual mode. You will come away with a much better understanding of all of your camera’s functions and the basic tools needed to take great photos.

2. Portrait Photography - This class will teach you how to use natural light to take beautiful portraits. So whether you are wanting to start doing senior photos as a job on the side or if you just want great pictures of your children, this class will help you take stunning photographs.

3. Landscape Photography - This is for the adventurer that wants to take photos along the way. My favorite thing is taking photos that inspire people to go out and explore. This class will help you understand the basics of taking beautiful landscapes.

4. Food Photography - This class is for anyone aspiring to be a chef, food blogger, or if you just want to step up your Instagram game. In this course we will discuss what it takes to get great food  and drink photos.  

5. How to use your Tripod - Ever wonder how people get those night shots of the city skyline or a silky smooth waterfall? This is the class for you. We will take this class to the streets or mountains depending on what your interests are.  

6. Editing in Lightroom - In this class I will break down the tools and functions needed to edit your photos as well as some tips and secrets I have picked up along the way. 

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